15 Years

That's a lot of cameras, lenses, stories, achievements, negatives and positives. What it all boils down to, is a lot of experience.


From Old High German chāsi, from West Germanic or late Proto-Germanic *kāsijaz, borrowed from Latin cāseus. Cognate via West Germanic with Low German Kees, Dutch kaas, West Frisian tsiis,
English cheese.

So in other words, Say Cheese :)

I wasn't always a photographer. I started as an aeronautical science major with the goal of becoming a pilot. I found that I am passionate about capturing beautiful moments and I became a photographer.

Flying was amazing, but capturing moments in time to where I could commune with others and share in my experiences was that which kept me up at night.

Capture a moment like you would a firefly, then release it too your family and friends,

Over the years I have looked to expand my reach, offering high quality photographic services.

Within the next few years, I am working to become a destination wedding photographer in Europe.

Why Choose Käse?

Kevin Paige Founder
You Love My Work

Should go without saying, but just in case... make sure you like my style.

One time a couple hired me and asked me to shoot there wedding like another photographer.

So to avoid that, I ask that you like the way I shoot prior to hiring me to be a part of your amazing event.

You Like Engaging Personalities

I'm extremely personable, incredibly patient and laid back. I also have no problem stepping out in the road to stop traffic to get you the shot you are looking for or jump out of a plane with you to capture you in a really extreme way.

You Want Someone Really Attentive To You...All Night

I always keep an eye on the couple so I can be there when you want. The rest of the time you won't really even know I'm there as I blend with the crowd.

I prefer to shoot where the action is and not from the sidelines.